Global Resource Masters Fund Ltd, provides Australian investors the opportunity to invest in physical commodities and global natural resource companies through a "fund of funds" approach. With a "fund of funds" investment style, the Company seeks to build a diversified investment portfolio by blending the leading specialist investment funds from around the world, with the aim of providing consistent long term performance while reducing risk and preserving capital.

Investment Objectives

The investment objective of the Company is to achieve long-term capital appreciation, while reducing risk and preserving capital, through global exposure to the natural resources sector by investing in a range of high quality global fund products and managers specialising in the sector.

The key potential benefits to investing in the Global Resource Masters Fund are:

  • Superior and consistent investment returns through exposure to the long-term compelling market dynamics and attractive return opportunities of the global resources sector.
  • Increased diversity as part of a broader portfolio of investments.
  • Enhanced portfolio risk/return characteristics by lowering overall volatility and/or increasing expected returns (i.e. efficient frontier).
  • Exposure to an asset class (commodities) which traditionally has performed well when other asset classes (equities/bonds) perform poorly.
  • A hedging component to inflation.

Investment Guidelines

The Manager and Investment Committee of the Global Resource Masters Fund manages a portfolio of investments in underlying funds that provides for diversity across the following investment universe:

  • Asset class: investing in both physical commodities and natural resources companies.
  • Commodity: investing across the natural resources spectrum, including energy, base metals and bulk materials, precious metals, agriculture, forest products, water, renewable energy and sustainable technologies and other real assets.
  • Value chain: investing in companies across the natural resources value chain, including:
    – upstream (exploration, development, and production of natural resources),
    – midstream (infrastructure and transportation of natural resources),
    – downstream (refining, distribution, and marketing of natural resources), and
    – companies servicing the natural resource sector including oil field and mining services companies.
  • Geography: investing in a diversified portfolio of exposure to the natural resources sector across countries.
  • Size: investing in a balanced portfolio across established large companies as well as emerging high growth companies.
  • Fund product: underlying funds will include commodity funds, equity funds, fixed income funds and other fund products.


Like all investment, an investment in the Fund carries risk and these risks are set out in detail in Section 4 of the Prospectus.


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